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Energy Efficiency

Services market in the energy sector offers an extensive range of solutions to issues and often the main problem is to choose the option that best meets the needs of the enterprise.

AO «Energoinvest» offers you the knowledge and experience of our experts to address the financial, technical and legal issues related to the electricity supply of company.

Consulting services include

The expert examination and consultation in the electricity sector

Management of the purchase of electric energy

Express an opinion on the effectiveness of the purchase of electric energy

Performed hourly accounting and cost of electricity transmission services is determined by the rate of two- terms

Tariff audit

Legal consultations

The expert examination and consultation in the electricity sector

In determining the most advantageous method for calculating the electricity necessary to consider a number of characteristics of electricity enterprise (load profile, the maximum power consumption of the clock, etc.), The price situation in the region, as well as technical equipment of metering devices.

AO «Energoinvest» has many years of experience in the power industry, as well as staff of highly skilled professionals that allows you to quickly and efficiently solve the problem of minimizing the cost on a power supply, make expert assessments, consultations on energy efficiency enterprise.

Management of the purchase of electric energy

This process may include such components as:

  • planning hourly electricity consumption;
  • formation and filing of requests;
  • collection of information on actual consumption of electricity by enterprise;
  • calculation of volumes and the purchase price of energy;
  • control over timely execution of financial liabilities and assets according to the calculations of the electric energy (power);
  • the formation of the necessary accounting documents;
  • continuous monitoring of the power grid enterprise to reduce energy costs;
  • management of operating capacity, for the most efficient production planning and control:
  • express an opinion on the effectiveness of the purchase of electric energy.

Experts of the company AO «Energoinvest» will help to make for your business efficiency evaluation version used for the calculation of the energy consumed, as well as a comparative analysis of alternatives, choosing the most suitable.

Tariff audit

According to the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated May 4, 2012 №442 «On the functioning of retail electricity markets, the full and (or) partial restriction mode electric power consumption», the choice of price category is carried out once a year, within 1 month from the date of the decision on the establishment of tariffs for electric power transmission in the corresponding subject of the Russian Federation. For enterprises that are large consumers of electricity, the choice of an inappropriate price range can result in substantial overpayment for electricity throughout the year.

Experts of AO «Energoinvest» will help you choose the best method of calculation, which will significantly reduce energy costs.

One of the alternative ways to reduce energy costs and ensure continuity of its supply is the implementation and development of own generation.

Our experts can determine the feasibility of own power generation for your company, and assist in the implementation of the project implementation.

Legal consultations

To freely navigate in the legislation of our country, requires some training and a lot of time. Legislation in the electricity sector - is no exception. The same question can be controlled by several regulatory documents of different levels or not to be clearly spelled out at all.

Experts of AO «Energoinvest» continuously monitor changes in the energy legislation.

Daily communication with our customers allows to accumulate experience in solving non-standard situations in the electricity sector.

Our clients have the ability to delegate to us different legal issues in the electricity sector: participation in arbitration proceedings, issues with retail companies and so on., Thus saving valuable time doing other important aspects of the business.