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Power supply company

Supply of energy
Organization of energy supply activity

Purchase of electricity (capacity) industry in the retail market is always carried out through of the Supplier or independent power company. A matter of course that services energy supply companies are payable in the form of sales markups to the tariff of electricity.

However, there is a method which allows to reduce these costs – companies need to allocate a separate structure that is able to engage in the purchase of electric energy (power) directly from the wholesale market, and / or from other suppliers on their own terms, as well as the implementation of the electricity for the needs of the enterprise and for external customers, ie, organize sales activity on their own.

Electricity Supply Company (onwards ESC) – organization engaged in the purchase of electricity on the wholesale market, in other ESCs, small generation facilities and sells it at free market prices to consumers or other ESC for profit.

Steps for creating Electricity Supply Company

Calculation of the economic feasibility to create their own ESC;

Designing the structure of the new organization with all the necessary business processes;

Prepare and collect all documents for full functioning ESC: registration GTR assignment status of the subject OREM, access to the trading system market;

Legal support all stages: the dissolution of existing contracts, new contracts for the purchase and transmission of electricity, energy supply contracts with consumers;

Work on the modernization of energy accounting;

Development and implementation of an information system for automation of the ESC

Personnel selection and training.

The main consumers of service

  • Large consumers of electricity
  • Consumers included in the group of companies (holding)
  • Consumers carrying electricity supply to a large number of sub-consumers;

The advantages of creating own power supply company

  • Reducing the cost of electricity due to lack of sales increment,
  • Additional revenues by establishing its own sales premium on the sale of electricity sub-consumers, the efficient allocation of financial resources,
  • Reducing the "bureaucratic" component by creating a single accounting and settlement of electricity consumed,
  • Getting further reduce the cost of the electricity consumed at the expense of a single volume purchases - alignment with consumption.
  • Optimization of energy management companies by creating a single system,